Truckers look for a few things when determining where and when to stop.

One of the factors is the quality of the parking lot and trust us, they talk about this! You want a parking lot that attracts them, not that keeps them away.

A truck stop parking lot with good striping and in great condition with 4 trucks parked on it as they get gas

Semi-trailer trucks need to carry heavy cargo and goods, and as such, they need larger parking lots. These areas can be very expensive to repair if they’re not properly kept up.

Asphalt Maintenance Inc. services for Truck Stop Parking Lots

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The importance of Truck Stop Parking Lots

Truck stop parking lots are essential since truckers need a safe place to pull in for a break, eat a light meal, take naps, or finish their logbooks. Because there are truck drivers moving goods on all occasions, parking lots for truck stops must be widely available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

As goods and services continue to move at a rapid pace across our country, truck drivers need more available parking areas. 

Apart from needing well-lit and secure somewhere, truck drivers need parking which can accommodate the size of their big rigs.

Given the length and width of these vehicles, truck stop parking lots must be large enough that trucks can turn and park easily and without having to worry about causing accidents, with their wide turning radiuses.

Heavy Truck traffic expected on Pavements for Truck Stops

Asphalt structures receive different types of vehicles and will require enough sealcoating layers to properly cover and protect the surface. Truck stops and loading docks will need to accommodate for the heavy vehicles and continued wear of the surface.

That’s where we come in!

Most parking lots require at least two coats of sealcoating material, and at entries or other locations where vehicles frequently brake, turn or accelerate a third coat may be required.

The more sealant layers needed, the greater will be the cost but it is needed to resist the heavy load of the trucks.

This initial cost will save money in the long run because the surface will last longer.

It is necessary to increase the thickness of the pavement for entrances, front roads, trash dumpster sites, and delivery truck parking, as well as the entrance areas to truck stop parking lots.

These areas must be constructed in thickness with full depth of asphalt that will support the special type of pavement loading for trucks.

Without such strengthening, the pavement may fail, resulting in more maintenance down the road and more costs to you.

Most pavements crack and deteriorate because the pavement is too thin to carry the loads.

Since truck stop parking lots are subject to heavy truck traffic; delivery vehicles and garbage trucks, they need to have additional reinforcement.

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