A newly striped parking lot’s color contrast is appealing and is a strong indicator of a well-kept property. This can create a positive first impression rather than a negative one for visitors. Additionally, a very well-marked parking lot directs traffic through the parking lot in a safe and efficient manner. 

A striping machine as it creates the lines in a parking

Asphalt Maintenance Inc. can restripe your parking lot with the existing layout, stripe out the blueprints, or provide new parking lot layouts in development.

Our team will work with the owner of the property and city planning to develop a secure parking layout, maximize parking stalls, and fulfill the requirements of the ADA.

What is Striping?

Striping is the method of using latex paint to cover asphalt and concrete surfaces with high quality, high density, and heavy wear.

We use specific machines to ensure that our striping looks smooth and is handled properly. 

We stripe all kinds of parking lots and roadways. The premium quality striping paint services we provide are long-lasting and are made to withstand heavy traffic.

Our Striping Services

There are many different types of striping, and we’re experienced with each one of them. Asphalt Maintenance Inc. offers its striping services across the United States.

Our Striping services include:

  • Striping for Pavements

  • Striping for Parking Lots

  • Roadway Striping

  • Reflective Markers

  • Signage

  • Car Stops

  • Maintenance

Importance of Striping Parking Lots in Texas

When paving and striping asphalt you want experienced professionals doing the job. While painting lines on a parking lot might seem painless, the process is more complicated than you would think. Uniformity and absolute precision are crucial.

Incorrect spacing and excessively long or short lines ruin a parking lot.

Hiring a professional ensures that the project is accomplished quickly which reduces the amount of time the project interferes with your normal business operations.

Some of the other benefits striping provides include:

  • Improved aesthetics of the parking lot

  • Reducing accidents and liability on the property owner

  • Help customers park their vehicles easily

  • Convenience for apartment owners to park in marked parking

  • Commercial properties benefit from clearly-marked customer and employee parking zones

  • Improves safety for pedestrians

  • Better traffic flow

  • Better assistance to parking lots

We can improve and update the pavement markings for existing parking lot lines and designations to meet city codes. Pavement restriping completely restores the appearance of your parking lot and roadways which have faded markings.

Our specialists ensure bright and clear visibility on line striping.

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Our expert asphalt striping team uses highly advanced materials and equipment to make sure your markings can withstand daily use, harsh weather, and many other variables that can negatively affect your parking lot.

Once you get in touch with us we will set up a call to discuss the details of your project with one of our experienced estimators. They will schedule an appointment to go out and see your property if required and assess exactly what your needs are.

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We will develop a proposal based on your needs to provide you with the best solution for your parking lot, at a reasonable price. 

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