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Your parking lot is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your property.

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A parking lot showing signs of neglect will reflect poorly on the surrounding areas such as businesses and other structures.

Beyond first impressions, maintenance of your parking lot is also important for your safety plan. By neglecting your parking lot you could pose unnecessary risks to your customers and leave yourself wide open to financial liability.

This is because unrepaired cracks and potholes are threats to cars and potential hazards to people.

How to Maintain Your Parking Lot Asphalt

A well-designed parking lot can last for several decades, but only if routine maintenance on the parking lot is done consistently over time. Studies have shown that keeping up with items like crack filling and sealcoating is imperative in extending your parking lot’s lifespan.

Not only is it more cost-effective to take care of your parking lot on a regular basis but good maintenance has often shown to reduce a property’s number of lawsuits.

Unfortunately, asphalt does wear down over time.

With regular crack filling & proper sealcoating this wear can be slowed down significantly. Do not make the mistake of neglecting your asphalt in the long run.

Custom Maintenance Approach

Most paving companies suggest that sealcoating, crack filling, and parking lot striping be performed once every few years, but not all parking lots are the same. Asphalt Maintenance Inc. makes recommendations based on specific conditions for the parking lots.

Such elements may include the volume of traffic, drainage issues and standard weight loads that your parking lot experiences on a regular basis and more.

Below are a few standard recommendations for the maintenance.

Additional Services

In addition to asphalt and concrete repair work, we also carry out a wide variety of maintenance items including car stops, bollard poles, and covers, signs, speed bumps and traffic control measures, catch basin drain repairs, and handrail installations.

With our full-service parking lot maintenance services, we can help keep every size of parking lot in the best shape.

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