Asphalt parking lots and services can be a tedious and overwhelming task to clean and maintain. One of the most effective and quickest ways to clean an asphalt driveway is to use a commercial pressure washer.

A commercial pressure washing cleaning the ground outside

Asphalt Maintenance Inc. is one of the leading commercial pressure washing companies in the United States.

Professional Commercial Pressure Washers 

We are able to deliver quality results with years of experience to get your commercial asphalt looking renewed!

Whether you own a business building or a commercial rental property, you are always in charge of keeping your property looking great all year round.

Additionally, oil and other substances can add risk to a potential slip and fall. Hiring a professional asphalt cleaner is a speedy, all-encompassing way to clean your parking lots.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Professional cleaning and washing help prevent:

  • Cracking

  • Staining

  • UV damage

  • Water intrusion

  • Oil stains

  • Moss and fungal growth

Cleaning and washing regularly prevent expensive premature replacement and decrease the likelihood of someone slipping and falling.

Every kind of surface material requires a certain range of heat and pressure.

Exceeding that specific range can cause irreparable damage to the surface you want to clean. This is why it is important to hire a professional to pressure wash your parking lot.

Let us handle the job

Do not risk damaging your concrete or having unsightly wand marks because the right pressure and technique were not used. 

Do not waste your time and energy cleaning your concrete with a pressure washer bought from a hardware store, instead take it easy and leave the cleaning and washing to us.

Hire us to take care of it for you!

Our company has invested in high-powered commercial pressure washers. Without this type of equipment, it’s nearly impossible to properly clean concrete. 

Our years of experience have taught us that only well-trained, technically skilled professionals who really care about quality workmanship can deliver quality results. Whether you need asphalt cleaning, pressure washing, striping, or paving services, we are fully committed to satisfying our customers on every job.

There is no job too big for us! So get in touch with us to schedule a free estimate today.

Get started with our services

We will develop a proposal based on your needs to provide you with the best solution for your parking lot, at a reasonable price. 

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