Asphalt Maintenance Inc. is committed to providing high-quality asphalt repairs and maintenance services.

You can secure a longer life span and a newer look for years through regular, affordable asphalt maintenance.

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It’s important for any business to keep their asphalt pavement properly maintained. Without routine maintenance of your asphalt, it can become eroded by water, sun, air, and traffic. A solid foundation, quality asphalt mix, and professional installation can boost your pavement’s lifespan.

Asphalt Repair Service

If your asphalt is damaged, then the only way to avoid costly complications is to take urgent care of it.

Deteriorated surfaces of asphalt are unsafe, unsightly, and always get worse if not addressed as quickly as possible.

It’s affordable to fix a crack or a pothole and our asphalt repair experts will easily see through it. A replacement or milling of asphalt is a much more costly and time-consuming matter.

Different types of Cracking and Repairs

Cracked asphalt poses a significant risk to the pavement. It’s triggered by many factors, and depending on the situation it has other solutions.

What’s guaranteed is that it’s cheaper to fix now than later.

Following are the common types of cracking which may require repairs:

Some of the Maintenance Methods We use

Asphalt Repairs and Maintenance

We provide a broad range of asphalt repair and maintenance services to support our customers and keep their pavements safe, secure, and sharp looking. We have you covered, from crack and pothole repair to maintenance work.

If you need major repairs to your asphalt, or just want to stop costly maintenance, give us a call

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